Chief Counsel


Adriel A. Hilton, PhD, President (Student Affairs) (Southeast Region)
Assistant Professor & Director,
College Student Personnel Program Western Carolina University

Christopher B. Newman, PhD, Vice President (Leadership Studies) (Western Region)
Assistant Professor
Leadership Studies
University of San Diego

Kinnis Gosha, PhD, Vice President for Information Services (Computer Science) (Southeast Region)
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Morehouse College

Edward Summers, PhD, Vice President for Membership Services (Public Policy) (Northeast Region)
Executive Director, Downtown Brooklyn Higher Education Consortium
Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Thurman L. Bridges, III, PhD, Vice President for Research & Director for the Center for African American Research and Policy (Northeast Region)
Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Morgan State University

Kenyatta Cavil, Ed.D., MBA, Vice President for Development
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Sport Management
Texas Southern University

Theodore J.M. Ogaldez, PhD, Vice President for Conference Affairs
Director of Fellowships
Davidson College

Leon Wyden, Treasurer (Finance) (Midwest Region)
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Tiffin University

Erik Brooks, PhD,Secretary (Public Policy & Government) (Midwest Region)
Professor & Chair, African American Studies
Western Illinois University

LaVar J. Charleston, PhD, Historian (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis) (Midwest Region)
Assistant Director & Senior Research Associate
Wisconsin’s Equity and Inclusion Laboratory (Wei LAB)
University of Wisconsin—Madison

John T. Wolfe, Jr., PhD, Parliamentarian (English) (Northeast Region)
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Leadership Development and Diversity
University System of Maryland

Antoine Lovell, Doctoral Student Representative
Fordham University