Theodore J.M. Ogaldez, Ph.D.


 Marshall Atlanta

Dr. Theodore J. M. Ogaldez is the founding Director of the Fellowships and Scholarships Office at Davidson College. In this position he advises students at all levels of their education to take advantage of opportunities that may enhance their learning. One of his major roles is to support the college goal of having most students become involved and experience in research.

Prior to taking the position at Davidson College, Dr. Ogaldez worked as Assistant Director of Academic Affairs/Program Director of Upward Bound at the University of Vermont. While at UVM he worked with students from low socio-economic background who were potentially the first in their family to attend college.

Dr. Ogaldez also worked as Undergraduate Student Retention Coordinator at Colorado State, where he assisted Students with formulating plans to help them get off Academic probation. He worked with students who were at risk of failing, pointing them in the direction of resources they could use before they got to probation stage.

His research interest is in the area of Students College involvement and engagement and preparation to apply for fellowships.


Director, Office of Graduate Fellowships
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Center for Teaching, Learning & Research
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